Managing Workplace Bullying

August 02, 2010 | Books

Managing Workplace Bullying

How To Identify, Respond To and Manage Bullying Behaviour in the Workplace

Are you subject to bullying behaviour at work? Are you responsible for managing someone who uses bullying behaviour at work? Do you want to know how to offer effective support to a friend or family member who is being bullied in the workplace? If so, this book is for you.

Managing Workplace Bullying introduces you to an effective toolkit through which to:

  • Differentiate between bullying behaviour and aggressive but non-bullying behaviour.
  • Understand the bullying dynamic at the heart of a workplace bullying relationship.
  • Highlight what factors cause people to use bullying behaviour at work.
  • Learn how to handle bullying behaviour effectively at the time of an incident.
  • Recognise how to confront a team member who uses bullying behaviour.
  • Identify how best to support a friend or family member who is subject to workplace bullying…and much more.

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Praise for the book

“This is a thought provoking and honest book written in an accessible conversational style… I believe that it will substantially enhance the understanding of anyone working in an organisational setting where bullying behaviours are all too often prevalent, yet widely misunderstood.”

RUTH SHAKESPEARE | Coordinator of Staff Counselling Services The Mid Yorkshire NHS Hospitals Trust

“This book offers comprehensive and practical guidance that can be easily accessed by line managers or HR Managers who need to understand the complexity involved in managing and reducing cases of bullying in the workplace. It is also an excellent reference for anyone who believes they are being bullied and needs help in recognising and responding to the situation.”

GILLIAN HARFORD | Senior Manager, Head of HR Strategic Services AIB

“Aryanne takes a pragmatic and user friendly approach designed to walk an individual through the many pitfalls, challenges and obstacles of what does and does not constitute bullying at work. I wish I had access to this valuable resource during my time as a practising HR Head and thoroughly recommend this to current practitioners.”

EDDIE COCHRANE | Executive Development Manager, University of Edinburgh Business School; former Head of Human Resources, a major retailer


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